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At Shuck's we are passionate about technology!

Especially its use in making your day to day life easier and more enjoyable. At the forefront of this is smart home automation. So we have spent the time meticulously researching and testing world leading systems and technologies to find the best, so you don't have to.


We found Loxone to be the best system available for usability, reliability and design, and with the extraordinary range of integrated control and automation solutions they offer, we feel that there really is no substitute.

What are "REAL" Smart Homes?

One of the most common misconceptions of smart home technology in modern society, is that being able to control your lighting and heating with apps on your mobile, or with voice commands through a voice assistant, is what constitutes a smart home. This is NOT TRUE.


By modern standards, controlling your home's functions with an app or voice assistant is not smart. A "Real" Smart Home is automated and is a system that requires little to no control at all!

Instead of coming through your front door to then have to pull your phone out of your pocket, find the right app and 'manually' turn your lights and other features on.

With a Loxone system, you could simply scan the NFC tag thats on your key ring on the panel by your door,

this will unlock the front door, disarm the burglar alarm, turn the lights on to your favourite setting depending on the time of day and start playing your favourite playlist in the rooms you've chosen it to do so in. And it doesn't stop there by any means. A Loxone system can be completely configured and programmed in whatever way you see fit. You can have your home wake you up gently in the morning by slowly fading up the lights, raising the blinds and playing your morning playlist at a graduating volume. All automatically without having to raise a finger. The integrated burglar alarm uses the presence sensors, door contacts and window contacts already in use for multiple other functions to detect a break in. It will then open all of the blinds and curtains in the house, turn on all of the lights and sound a siren through the multi-room audio system.

It can be programmed to do the same if the fire alarm is activated. It can even tell you when there is a water leak through the use of water detection sensors, wirelessly placed underneath your taps, showers, baths or anywhere you can think of. Anything you can think of to control and automate within your house, chances are Loxone can do it! and it can do it well!

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Loxone Show home, Kollerschlag, Austria

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